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About OpenXOPS


OpenXOPS is a project to remake the X operations, and to open source.
X operations is free FPS(First-person shooter) game. Development in the 2003 by team MITEI.

OpenXOPS aims to clone. Do not want to add the function.

Mr.nine-two of team MITEI know OpenXOPS.

OpenXOPS has nothing to do with OpenXPS.

Target version

X operations 0.975t

Target version might be changed.
But, Multi-player version is excluded.


Copyright of the project is in the [-_-;](mikan).

License see "Developer".


1, Can be play for free.

2, High-spec PC is not required.

3, Can use the addon of X operations.

English page is reference information. If different from the Japanese page, Japanese page is correct.