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1, Looks and operation are the same as X operations.
2, File system is the same as X operations.
3, Use the addon of X operations.
4, Does not require a high-spec PC.
5, Not use an existing game engine.

OpenXOPS is not a FPS game engine.
OpenXOPS project does not make the General-purpose game engine.

Development environment

Programming language : C/C++
IDE : Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
Add SDK : Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)

DirectX Version : 9.0c
OpenGL Version : 1.1 (Not use shader)

3D/2D Graphics : DirectX or OpenGL
Input : WindowsAPI or DirectInput
Sound : ezds.dll or DirectSound
File : C standard library (stdio.h)
Physics engine : Original
AI engine : Original

Game engine is not used.


OpenXOPS is New BSD License. Copyright of the project is in the [-_-;](mikan).

But, Copyright of 'config4xops05.exe' file and 'ezds.dll' file is in the Mr.nine-two.
'config4xops05.exe' and 'ezds.dll', should not be used in unrelated project.

Get source code

The source code I have been published in OSDN.

OSDN Project page.
Recommend obtained from the Tags.

Source code is written in C/C++. But, Comments description is Japanese.

*Source code mirror

click here(.zip)
*mirror is latest only.



Main programming

Support Member's
  nine-two. 黒猫. TAMICRON. Manda.


OpenXOPS System is "OpenXOPS Technical Document". (Japanese)

English page is reference information. If different from the Japanese page, Japanese page is correct.